Here’s why a Small Home Extension is a Lot Better Than Buying a New Home

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13:22 PM

There could be a number of reasons why your current home has started to feel too small. Maybe it’s because your family has expanded, or you’re planning to keep your aged parents with you, or you’re planning to set up a home office, a home studio, gym, or anything whatsoever. If yes, you’ve got two options; you could either move to a bigger house or get a small home extension.

If you ask us, we would say getting a small home extension is a better idea, despite the fact that it would disrupt your routine significantly. But we have plenty of reasons to stand by our suggestion. If you can’t decide what’s better for you, read this blog post to know why we say getting a small home extension is better than buying a bigger home.

Less Hassle

The first reason why building a small home extension is a better idea is that it’s less of a hassle than moving. When you’re moving houses, you first have to pack everything, arrange for professional movers, unpack, and adjust to a new home and neighbourhood. All of this is exhausting. However, when you decide to build a small extension in your current house, it’s less stressful and tiring. Your day-to-day life will get impacted a bit, but that’s still less trouble than moving altogether.

Less Costly

A bigger home is surely going to cost you more than the price at which you sell your current home. Then there are additional moving expenses and the expense of decorating the new house. All of this adds up to pretty huge numbers. In contrast, building an extension to your current home is a lot cheaper. You don’t have to re-decorate or re-furnish the entire house. It’s just the extended area that needs to be set.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Neighbourhood

You may be attached to your neighbourhood. You might have some really good friends around. Your children may already be going to the nearby schools. And you might be used to getting your morning coffee from the coffee shop down the lane. The thought of having to leave everything behind and starting a new life from scratch is quite overwhelming. However, if you decide to build an extension of your current house, your life doesn’t have to change the least bit!

No Need to Apply for a Mortgage

As we said earlier, a bigger house will cost you more than what you’ll have in hand after selling your current home. It means you’ll have to apply for a mortgage all over again. It’s a stressful procedure. However, when you’re extending your home, it’s a pretty straightforward process. You can make use of your home equity to pay for the renovation.

As much as buying a new home may sound like a tempting option, it’s better to extend your home. You can bring into use your backyard that’s only serving the purpose of a junkyard. Building a small extension is less hassle and more functionality.

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