The Hazards of Working Construction When It Is Raining

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14:00 PM

We all know how dangerous working on a construction site is, even with the best weather conditions. There are numerous risks that construction workers face, such as health and safety risks, but they have no choice. After all, they need to follow a timeline and complete the project in time, right?

However, rainfall is the number one hazard as it brings numerous recognisable dangers, putting the life of construction workers at high risk. In this article, we will discuss why construction workers should not

work when it starts to rain on site.

1.  Work Sites Get Wet

When it starts to pour, construction sites become wet instantly. This includes all the cement, bricks, and material used on a construction site. While you might not think that this is a big deal, we must point out that as rainfall increases, the site can become extremely slippery.

In some places, construction workers are paid extra to work during the rain. However, slippery sites pose the risk of injury. This is extremely dangerous due to the equipment kept at the construction site. Nails, drills, and sharp objects also become invisible due to the nail. Workers are also put at risk when making use of scaffolding equipment.

2.  Using Electrical Equipment Becomes Dangerous

Construction sites make use of a number of electrical equipment. That's why each time you drive by a site or drop by to check on progress, you will be deafened by the amount of noise generated. It is no surprise that workers on-site wear hearing protection in the form of industrial earplugs.

During the rain, there are higher chances of a short circuit. This is because rainwater may enter the electrical units, causing current to flow when a worker inserts a device in the socket. Hence, rainfall increases the chances of workers getting electrocuted and losing their lives.

3.  Workers Can Fall Sick

The biggest issue with working in the rain is that construction workers are more likely to fall ill. When we go out in the rain, we make sure to only do the necessary tasks. You will often hear mothers calling for their children to come outdoors and dry themselves, after which they are told to sit in front of a heater or fire and are given hot chocolate or tea to drink. These precautions are taken so that they do not fall sick after being out in the rain.

However, construction workers do not have this luxury. If they are made to work out in the rain, they have to spend hours completing the assigned tasks for the day. They get soaked, and many employers do not even provide them with rain jackets to keep them dry. Eventually, the wetness makes them fall ill as they develop a cold, cough, and fever.

The key is to find a manager who takes care of his builders and does not expose them to any hazards or dangerous situations. Remember, construction workers are human too and deserve to be treated with care and respect.